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11-08-2018, 10:52
The Mercy (2018)
Donald Crowhurst from the movie "The Mercy" ran into a number of problems. His business is on the verge of collapse, and the welfare of the family is at stake. Claire's wife supports her husband in everything, but not the fact that her strength will last long. The way out of the difficult situation is spontaneous: a large newspaper in 1968 announced the holding of a
6-08-2018, 20:05
Taxi 5 (2018)
The cult film of past years returns to the screens in a new format. Unfortunately, not all actors from the original saga will appear in the tape "Taxi 5", but the film's atmosphere fully corresponds to the previous parts. In the center of events is a young man who has recently been transferred to the police of Marseilles, who has set himself a difficult task - to build a
21-07-2018, 11:24
Duck Duck Goose (2018)
A goose named Peng is distinguished by a kind disposition and willingness to come to the rescue in a difficult moment. He dreams of flying like a real bird. The main character of the full-length family film "Duck Duck Goose" sincerely believes that one day he will be able to soar into the sky and enjoy the beauty of his native places from a bird's eye view. But while he has to
21-07-2018, 11:23
Early Man (2018)
The action of the film "Early Man" begins to develop at the dawn of time, when man was not the most powerful being on the planet. This is the reign of the dinosaurs, the true lords of the earth of the prehistoric period. The primitive man tells us an unusual and amazing story about how his ancestor was able to unite his brothers and give them the hope that was so necessary for
21-07-2018, 11:23
Luis & the Aliens (2018)
The incredible activity of Louis often led to unpleasant consequences. The boy was repeatedly punished for his tricks. True, attempts to "re-educate", repeatedly undertaken by parents, did not have a proper impact on their son. He remained the same restless boy, incorrigible inventor and prankster. In addition to pranks, Luis liked stories about aliens. The child dreamed one
16-07-2018, 11:38
Adrift (2018)
The authors of the film "Adrift" offer their viewers a story based on real events.  At the heart of the story are Tami Oldham and Richard Sharpe, two young people who rest in Tahiti.  They are not yet familiar and do not know that fate has prepared for them many difficult attempts. The events take place when Tami and Richard meet first.  At this point, both realize that they
7-07-2018, 06:59
Psychokinesis (2018)
Psychokinesis After drinking water from a mountain spring, a bank security guard gains telekinetic superpowers, which he must use to save his estranged daughter from an evil construction company, as a…
7-07-2018, 06:49
Yomeddine (2018)
The Coptic leper and his orphaned apprentice decide to leave the infected colony to go on a journey across Egypt in order to find their relatives.
3-07-2018, 21:23
Viy 2: Journey to China (2018)
Jonathan Green is a well-known London cartographer, one of the best specialists in the world. He is a fierce lover of travel, as is confirmed in the first part of this mystical thriller. While in his house and working out a new map of England, Jonathan receives an invitation from the king for an audience. It turns out that the King of England orders Green to go to China to
3-07-2018, 20:50
Redbad (2018)
Before you lies an exciting story that unfolded in the early VIII century AD. During this period, the north of Europe is divided into two territories, between which the great waters flow. Over the rivers live Saxons, Danes and friezes, and on other lands are located Franks, which are going to achieve what even the Romans could not do. To enslave the whole of Europe, there is a
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