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6-08-2018, 21:39
Hürkus (2018)
The film by Veciha Hürkus tells the story of the first Turkish pilot, who is "part-time" also the first aviator of Turkey, who created his own aircraft, and even later the "Winged Alliance". Even when he was not a pilot, Wedjhi went to the Balkan war as a volunteer. After that, Hyrkush fought in the First World War and in the War of Independence. In 1917, on the Caucasian
6-08-2018, 19:44
Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018)
The film tells about what we are all used to talking about, but few of us understand what is being said. Terms such as the market, the economy, the realization of oneself in life, are familiar to most of us. And how often we like to touch on these topics in our conversations with others! We can talk incessantly, exposing ourselves as an important and respectable citizen, a
7-07-2018, 06:41
Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran (2018)
Scientists around the world are constantly working on the latest developments in nuclear weapons. The battle of weapons becomes a serious problem for modern society. The Indian authorities could not stay away. They were well aware that the United States was far ahead of all its competitors. You can not lag behind the Americans. The Prime Minister of India ordered his
30-06-2018, 10:41
Padmaavat (2018)
The main thing in the plot: The events of the painting take place in very far times in India. At the beginning of the fourteenth century, this country is ruled by a very strong Sultan Alauddin. He conquers more and more territories, and literally half of India goes under them. Once, someone expelled from Chittorgarha tells this sultan what will forever settle in his head. This
29-06-2018, 20:54
211 (2018)
The work of a policeman is not simple enough and at times very dangerous for life. Fortunately, the hero of this story, his day was simple and cloudless. He, like the guards of order, patrolled the streets, until the radio went through a call under code 211. This callsign denotes the robbery of a banking institution. Of course, the hero immediately goes to the place of
26-06-2018, 23:56
Ashes in the Snow (2018)
The coming-of-age tale of 16-year-old Lina Vilkas who is deported to Siberia amid Stalin's reign of terror in the Baltic region during WWII. An aspiring artist, she secretly documents her harrowing journey with her drawings.
26-06-2018, 23:51
The Last Witness (2018)
It's no secret that any military action will inevitably entail huge losses in the face of soldiers, and first of all of peaceful people. But the soldiers of Nazi Germany crossed all boundaries when they brutally punished thousands of Polish officers and hundreds of civilians. All this affected an Englishman named Steven, who at that time was a journalist. He was the only one
25-06-2018, 22:58
The Happy Prince (2018)
This is a story about the last tragic days of Oscar Wilde, a man who watches ironically for his failures and with a share of humor overcomes the difficulties that arise in his path.
25-06-2018, 22:45
Ip Man 4 (2018)
The population of America of the 70s knows nothing about the art of martial arts. At that time, there were no specialized schools, as there were no people who mastered the kung fu technique perfectly. To correct the situation, the immigrant from Hong Kong, the homeland of kung fu, is being solved. He decides to open a school in which students can devote themselves to fighting.
24-06-2018, 12:18
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018)
Juliet wrote a book about the inhabitants of the island of Guernsey, which were occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War. First, she is in correspondence with the islanders, and then completely moves to St. Peter Port to collect more material.
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