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Leto (2018)

6-08-2018, 20:59
Leto (2018)
Roast, Leningrad summer of 1981 turned out to be a landmark in the creative and personal life of the local talented musician Victor and his best friend Leonid. It was then that he and his friend, resting on the beach, met with the charismatic and self-confident leader of the rock group "Zoo" Mike Naumenko. The musician, playing the guitar, performs songs of his own authorship,
6-08-2018, 19:44
Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018)
The film tells about what we are all used to talking about, but few of us understand what is being said. Terms such as the market, the economy, the realization of oneself in life, are familiar to most of us. And how often we like to touch on these topics in our conversations with others! We can talk incessantly, exposing ourselves as an important and respectable citizen, a
6-08-2018, 11:40
Whitney (2018)
A documentary about Whitney Houston, who was not only a talented singer, but also an actress. The film tells of her dizzying career, which ended suddenly at the age of 48 years.
31-07-2018, 23:36
Climax (2018)
The film "Climax" tells about the consequences of unrestrained craving for immoral entertainment. Mid-90-ies of the last century. Closed boarding school, located in the most frequent forest, away from civilization. It has long been no one inhabits, and gloomy rooms are fraught with terrible secrets about what happened here once. It is rumored that the institution conducted
24-07-2018, 20:44
Paradox (2018)
Watch online movie Paradox 2018 in good quality. On account of the main characters are several serious crimes. The police hang on the tail. They risk parting with freedom and even with lives. Therefore, the guys decide to disappear, until the excitement around their affairs will not abate. The place of solitude they chose a place in the mountains, located far from human eyes.
7-07-2018, 07:21
Honey: Rise Up and Dance (2018)
Beginner street dancer Skyler faces an important choice in her life. She decided to try herself in the same dance team as her professionally trained sister Tosh to compete for a scholarship in college. But the family and the boyfriend do not support her, doubting that her crude and rude manner of dancing is sufficient for victory. Deciding to prove to them that she is
3-07-2018, 21:48
Blaze (2018)
A portrait of a marginal singer and songwriter Blaise Foley, enriching the repertoire of many country music legends: Merl Haggard, Will Nelson, Lail Lovett, John Praine. His life, love and creativity went beyond all standard scenarios and settings.
3-07-2018, 21:10
Ted - Show Me Love (2018)
En film om Ted Gärdestad och hans bror Kenneth. Historien handlar om kärleken till musiken och om en stark brodersrelation. En färd genom 70-talets glans och berömmelse till 80-talets dolda period och 90-talets comeback.
30-06-2018, 10:58
Blue Night (2018)
On the eve of a major performance at the iconic Birdland Jazz Club, Vivienne Carala (Sarah Jessica Parker) receives shocking news during a doctor’s visit that turns her world upside down. She struggles to deal with the devastation during rehearsals with her band and her manager (Common) and attempts to avoid her overbearing mother (Jacqueline Bisset). Finally, as she
29-06-2018, 20:35
Dumplin' (2018)
The film "Dumplin'" tells that all people are different, but sometimes you have to change yourself in order to achieve your goal. Nature makes a person individual: growth, figure, hair and eye color, complete coincidences are extremely rare. On what grounds is the redistribution of external data is unknown. Many scientists believe that genes play a decisive role in this
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