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Goliath (2018)
The protagonist of this series is a grief-lawyer who takes up any business that one can imagine. Who would have thought that he would even chase ambulances to immediately pick up another client from there. However, these runaways come to an end when the protagonist receives a unique proposal that will help him not only to redeem all his sins, but also strike back a firm that
8-08-2018, 10:25
Winchester (2018)
In the center of the plot of the film "Winchester. The house that built the ghosts "is Sarah, a woman who inherited an impressive seven-story building with a huge number of rooms. Being a widow and incredibly rich heiress, she does not deny herself anything. It is for this reason that Sarah lives in a house whose architecture, as it seems to many specialists, does not lend
6-08-2018, 21:49
Searching (2018)
In the center of the story is a man named David Kim. After the death of his beloved wife, he alone brings up Margot's daughter with whom they are best friends. The girl is already quite grown up, finishes school and takes the entrance exams to college and seems to be a happy and sociable child. One day, Margot begs his father for additional classes late, but does not return.

Pari (2018)

6-08-2018, 20:55
Pari (2018)
The film "Pari" tells a fascinating story about an ordinary guy who finds himself in the center of unusual events. It would seem that Arnab's life is no different from the others, but once a guy happens to be unhappy, he accidentally knocks down an old woman who accidentally knocks an old woman on the way to the hospital. Almost at the same time, Arnab gets acquainted with the
6-08-2018, 20:13
Between Worlds (2018)
When in the life of the protagonist of the film "Between Worlds" tragic events occur, related to his loved ones, he is ready to do anything to return the dear people to the real world. Recently in an accident, Joe lost the whole family. His wife died on the spot, and her daughter fell into a deep coma. Desperate man lives in the past and can not imagine his life without loved
6-08-2018, 20:08
Burning (2018)
Being the son of a poor farmer, Chon-su in the film "Burning" dreamed of breaking out of poverty and moving to a metropolis. After studying for a literary man, he left the province. Once in the city, the young man realized that his diploma was absolutely not in demand. In order not to return to the village, he takes a job. His salary is barely enough for a removable room. Once
5-08-2018, 11:37
Gemini (2017)
A monstrous crime threatens an already complicated relationship between a stubborn personal assistant and her boss - a Hollywood starlet.

Cam (2018)

31-07-2018, 23:41
Cam (2018)
Cam is a 2018 American psychological horror film set in the world of webcam pornography directed by Daniel Goldhaber and written by Isa Mazzei. It stars Madeline Brewer, Patch Darragh, Melora Walters, Devin Druid and Michael Dempsey. The film premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival on July 18, 2018, where it won awards for Best First Film and Best Screenplay. The
31-07-2018, 23:36
Climax (2018)
The film "Climax" tells about the consequences of unrestrained craving for immoral entertainment. Mid-90-ies of the last century. Closed boarding school, located in the most frequent forest, away from civilization. It has long been no one inhabits, and gloomy rooms are fraught with terrible secrets about what happened here once. It is rumored that the institution conducted
25-07-2018, 00:09
Long Day's Journey Into Night (2018)
Luo Hongwu returns to his hometown after being unpunished for a murder he committed 12 years ago. The memories of the woman he killed come back to life. The past, the present, the reality and the imagination begin to confront each other.
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