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Yesterday, 19:29
Maradona (2018)
Argentine footballer, who has great talent for the game, conquered the whole world. He was familiar with the seven deadly sins and passed through them. He was not just a player, but also a politician. He has a family that he loves. But without problems, the life of famous people is impossible. So he hooked on drugs and tried to be cured, by all means. He was never a saint. The
Yesterday, 19:25
Satyameva Jayate (2018)
A new ultramodern film in the style of action, which will tell the fascinating story of an Indian policeman. The protagonist was so honest and stubborn that all his colleagues respected him, and the villains feared like fire. A man lived in the city of Mumbai, considered the largest metropolis in his part of the world. There were plenty of tall skyscrapers, and beautiful
Yesterday, 18:57
Nanny Surveillance (2018)
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9-08-2018, 23:29
Cebimdeki Yabanci (2018)
Old friends come together one night. They eat places, talk about the old ones, make jokes, in short, they live happily moments. Until I decided to play a game. The game is to put everyone's mobile phones on the table and listen to messages on their phones so that everyone can hear them and experience a different entertainment mode. Old friends who think they know each other
9-08-2018, 23:14
Never Look Away (2018)
Three periods of the history of Germany through the history of the young artist Kurt, whose childhood and youth fell on the Nazi, and then on the communist regimes. Having escaped from the GDR in Germany, he falls in love with Elli's student and begins to paint pictures reflecting not only his personal destiny, but also traumas of a generation.
8-08-2018, 22:32
Last Supper (2018)
It is rumored that in the hands of the killer any object can turn into a deadly weapon. Of course, with the help of a pistol or a knife, almost everyone can kill an enemy, but to use completely self-defensively, at first glance, objects are not all capable of. A professional bounty hunter made a mistake and was taken prisoner by his longtime enemy, who kindly gave the prisoner
8-08-2018, 20:39
Family Blood (2018)
Until a certain period in her life Ellie in the film "Family Blood" suffered from drug addiction. However, she decided to overcome her addiction for the sake of the family and children. That's why the girl began to visit the doctor and follow all his recommendations. And soon and at all the heroine made a firm decision to move to the city where her narcologist lives, in order
8-08-2018, 20:36
Mercury (2018)
South Indian film "Mercury" tells the story of five friends. It all started with how our guys accidentally knock down a person and are very frightened, decided to bury it near the forest. They did it all in great haste, and one of the friends lost his phone there. When they had already left the crime scene, the guy who discovered the loss of the phone decides to return for him
8-08-2018, 10:25
Winchester (2018)
In the center of the plot of the film "Winchester. The house that built the ghosts "is Sarah, a woman who inherited an impressive seven-story building with a huge number of rooms. Being a widow and incredibly rich heiress, she does not deny herself anything. It is for this reason that Sarah lives in a house whose architecture, as it seems to many specialists, does not lend
6-08-2018, 21:49
Searching (2018)
In the center of the story is a man named David Kim. After the death of his beloved wife, he alone brings up Margot's daughter with whom they are best friends. The girl is already quite grown up, finishes school and takes the entrance exams to college and seems to be a happy and sociable child. One day, Margot begs his father for additional classes late, but does not return.
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