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Pulocker is a website that gained popularity for providing free streaming of movies and TV series. Putlocker is a one-stop destination for all your movies, TV shows, and series streaming needs. 123 Movies was a popular online streaming website that offered a wide range of movies and TV shows for free. Users could access the website to watch the latest releases and popular titles without having to pay or subscribe to any service.

Features that were commonly associated with Putlocker included:

  1. Free Streaming: Putlocker allowed users to stream movies and TV shows without requiring any payment or subscription fees.

  2. Extensive Library: The platform claimed to have a vast collection of movies and TV series, ranging from the latest releases to classic titles.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: Many users praised Putlocker for its simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and find content.

  4. Search and Filter Options: The website typically offered search functionality and filter options to help users find specific movies or TV shows based on genres, release years, and other criteria.

  5. No Account Requirement: Unlike some legal streaming services that require users to create accounts, Putlocker often allowed users to watch content without the need for registration.

  6. High-Quality Streaming: The platform claimed to provide high-quality streaming options, allowing users to watch content in various resolutions.

  7. Regular Updates: Putlocker purportedly updated its library regularly with new releases, providing users with access to a diverse range of content.

Putlocker or Similar Sites?: Why Putlocker Is The Best

While there are countless streaming websites like Putlocker available on the internet, you must prefer using Putlocker because this website has everything you will ever need to stream or download any content. It doesn't matter if you want to watch/download the latest-released movie, show, or series or one that was launched many years back. Since the website keeps itself updated based on what users are searching, you can rest assured that you will find something interesting to watch on it rather than using other Putlocker alternatives. Below we have mentioned some of the best features and a list of genres that you can find on the new Putlocker website.

  • Content of every genre - Action, comedy, biography, horror, sci-fi, mystery, animation, family, etc.
  • Know about the top-trending movies, shows, and series.
  • Custom list generation based on names.
  • Gathers content from other IPTV sites.
  • The domain redirects only to working websites.
  • Almost no cases on content unavailability.


So, this is all about Putlocker 2024 and we hope you have found this website useful. Right now, the Putlocker app is in development mode and the developers are trying hard to make one available soon. You can keep visiting this website to know about the updates related to it and for other information related to Putlocker online free.

There are many sites like Putlocker available as Putlocker app but they are not useful and good as this website. You can use Putlocker free online streaming website as long as you want as there is no limit on streaming. If you know about any other good service like the 123 movies app, then do let us know about it so we share it with others.